EVAC + CHAIR Training

Cogent Fire Risk Solutions Ltd provides EVAC + CHAIR training for organizations’ both large and small in all appropriate occupancies throughout Scotland. This Training is generally undertaken on site for your convenience and to familiarise personnel with their work surroundings.

EVAC + CHAIR Training is designed to match each customer’s operational and user requirements; bespoke courses relevant to job function are designed primarily to increase awareness/efficiency in the event of an emergency. We tailor training to users of varying skill levels, to ensure all responsible personnel are confident in their responsibilities.

All nominated EVAC + CHAIR operators should have a firm understanding of the locations, use and operation of the EVAC + CHAIR and the actions to be taken in the event of an emergency. These can be identified in a Fire Risk Assessment.

The objective of each course is to give all delegates a sound understanding of what to do in the event of an emergency. The subjects covered include:

  • An overview of the EVAC + CHAIR requirements.
  • Construction of the EVAC + CHAIR.
  • Preparing the EVAC + CHAIR for use.
  • Preparation of the occupant and travel.
  • Stair descent of the EVAC + CHAIR.

We accept EVAC + CHAIR Training enquiries in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Ayrshire and throughout Scotland.

Cogent Fire Risk Solutions provide comprehensive services including Fire Risk Assessments,  Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Supply, Fire Safety Training, Fire Safety Signage and Fire Evacuation Drills, These services are available in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Ayrshire  and throughout Scotland.

Cogent offers the following services:

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