Fire Risk Assessments (FRA)

Fire Risk Assessments in Glasgow Scotland

A Fire Risk Assessment is a thorough examination of the premises including its structure and specific occupancy. The existing Fire Safety measures are evaluated and kept under review to establish if they are adequate or if additional measures are needed. These are provided iaw PAS 79, a format preferred by the Fire and Rescue Service.

A Fire Risk Assessment will help determine the chances of a fire occurring and the dangers from fire that the premises pose for the people utilising them by taking an organized and methodical look at the location; the activities undertaken within the building; the potential for a fire to occur; and the harm it could cause to the people in, and around, the premises. The document that will be supplied by Cogent Fire Risk Solutions for your records will encompass all fire related aspects which are required from the owner, tenant, or responsible person in order to achieve compliance with The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 Part 3.

It is important to remember that it is not the responsibility of the Fire and Rescue Service to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment; their role is the provision of advice and enforcement of the fire safety legislation. For the purposes of a Fire Risk Assessment a hazard is a situation that can give rise to fire; and risk is the potential for a fire to occur (i.e. likelihood) and cause death or injury (i.e. consequence).

What is the legal requirement?
Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 places the onus of responsibility squarely on the responsible person. This may be an employer, landlord or any person who has the extent control over the building. As of October 2006, Fire Certificates are no longer a requirement and subsequently no longer have any legal status.

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